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About Project

If you are tired of browsing through hundreds of search engine results just to find that one particular health and nutrition video, your best option is to search through Rawfigs. Rawfigs is a search engine that only displays relevant results about health and wellness, particularly videos. It contains a wide range of material on this subject including numerous videos by renowned health advocate Dr. Robert Morse. What makes its videos unique is that each of them contains timestamps highlighting the most important part of the video. The overall goal of the site is to make the task of searching through hundreds of hours of videos an absolute breeze for every fan of healthy living and body regeneration.

Launch Project

  • Client:

    Raw Figs

  • Task:

    Branding, Web design and Development, Forum Integration, website is still under development.

  • Skills:

    Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Custom plugins, Responsive design

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