Stekys Media follows a unique approach in every project we are working on. Our expertise combined with our unique approach is essential for the success of our clients. To obtain a clearer understanding of the processes involved in each project, we would like you to familiarize our different approaches.


This is the initial phase where we get to know more about our clients. We devote more time in this phase so that we will be able to understand your business’ needs and goals and so that we will know how we can help you.


After consultation, we will make a proposal composed of detailed ideas on the types of works that are most effective to meet your needs and achieve your goals online.


We will then send to you the proposal so that you can look it over. We can schedule another meeting where we can discuss about the proposal and clarify certain things that may be unclear to you. It is also your chance to ask questions about the proposal.


Once you approve our proposal, we can now officially “be partners” and begin our work to success.