With the quality of output that we produce, you might be wondering how much it will cost you to hire us. Our pricing depends on your needs. To give you a rough Estimate, most projects cost between $5,000 and $100,000

We suggest that you should not only consider the cost of your project but its overall benefit to you. Consider it as an investment with a high rate of return rather than as an expense.

Facts You Should Know About Before Hiring a Service Provider

Works involved in the project

When comparing various service providers, don’t just look at their price quotations. Find out why one service provider has the lowest or highest quotation than the others.

At Stekys Media, we customize our work to suit your specific needs. Our output is uniquely designed for you. You may browse for as many Websites online but you cannot find any other site that will look like yours.

Credibility of the service provider to deliver what it has promised

Stekys Media has been in the Web development business starting 2008. We have done hundreds of projects that we saw worked for our clients. We have also completed several unfinished projects of other Web developers who were not able to deliver what they promised.

The work that a certain service provider can give you will depend on their experience, skills and resources. Verify if your service provider has what it takes to complete the type of work you want them to do. If a service provide provides you with a quotation that is significantly lower than other service providers, it may be an indication of their inability to know what needs to be done to suit your needs.

Stekys Media is a family of knowledgeable and expert Web developers with long years of experience in the business. We will know what it takes to make your Website work for you.

Difference between Cost and Value

The cost is what you pay for while the value is what it is really worth. You may pay a lower cost of service when you hire other service providers. However, the value of their work may not be worth what you pay them. In the long run, you may spend even more than if you hired Stekys Media from the very start.

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